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Riley: Play Like A Champion With SightRight Riley, long-time giant in the snooker world, aims to redesign the way in which you play billiards. Riley cues feature a patented technology - SightRight - aimed at bringing sighting and alignment methodologies already popular in golf and among cuesport professionals to all levels of the sport. This cue line features built-in sighting technology that ensures perfect alignment with every shot. This technology functions similar to alignment aids used in golf putters and rifles and eliminates the physical factors that contribute to shot inconsistencies such as individual eye dominance, physical size and stature. Cuesport professionals have been trained in the SightRight method for over 15 years; now this method is available to everyone. These cutting-edge cues can really enhance your game, no matter what level you play at. Riley SightRight Benefits Allows you to develop a consistent pre-shot routine using a simple two-line alignment system Removes the guesswork surrounding eye dominance and aiming Perfects your aim by utilizing your individual eye dominance - not working against it Creates a consistently aligned technique which carries through to accurate cue action with every shot Improves accuracy across your entire game, including rest play and escaping snookers Specific practice routines available so you can really hone your new skills

Cue Type: Snooker Cue Joint Type: Accu-Loc Cue Tip: 9.5mm Elk Master Tip Ferrule: Stainless Steel Shaft: Ash Joint Collar: SightRight Cue Wrap: Wrapless Wood Type: Maple Butt Cap: Implex Bumper: Leather Brand: Riley

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