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Predator AIR 2 Jump Cue. Only Predator could take the most accurate jump cue in the market and make it even better. The new technology in the Air2 makes jumping effortless for any level of play. Increased elevation and more accuracy than ever before, this cue is sure to have players jumping for joy after pocketing those once impossible shots.

Default Tip: Phenolic Tip

Cue Type: Jump

Joint Type: Uni-Loc Radial

Shaft Diameter: 12.75mm

Shaft Taper: Pro Taper

Description: 3 Piece Jump Cue

Cue Length: 47” at Full size, 2 piece at 40”

Shaft Length: 29”

Woods Used: North American Hard Rock Maple

Weight Management: Adjustable weight system

Joints: Mini Radial Uni-Loc®; Uni-Loc® Quick Release

Predator: Victory Through Innovation Predator

Cue Type: Jump Cue Joint Type: Uni-Loc Cue Tip: BK Phenotic Tip Ferrule: Carbon Fiber Shaft Diameter: 13 mm Shaft: Maple Joint Collar: Carbon Fiber Wood Type: Maple Butt Cap: Black Implex Bumper: Black Rubber

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