Log Pub Stools - Upholstered

Northwood Billiards

Upholstered Log Pub Stools

The log upholstered pub stools go great with our log bar, log pub table or in the kitchen area of your rustic, lodge or western setting. Every log pub stool is made of 3 inch diameter logs and joined together with a mortise and tenon joint which is glued together for maximum strength.

The seat of the log pub stool is made of solid Ponderosa pine that is a full two inches thick. The top is then cushioned with 1 1/2" of foam that is bolted directly to the seat. Every upholstered log pub stool is finished with a catalyzed lacquer for maximum protection.


Height   |    Width   |    Depth

Kitchen Counter Height 

24"   |    19"   |    19"


Pub Table and Bar Height 

30"   |    21"   |    21"

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