NHL Logo Dome Hockey Basic

NHL Logo Dome Hockey Basic
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NHL Logo Dome Hockey Basic

Holland Bar Stool's officially licensed Dome Hockey Basic game provides hours of entertainment for the hockey fan of any level. The game is badged with your favourite team's logo on the sides, as well as at center ice. Our high-performance rod assembly underneath the surface transfers your twisting motion with a 2:1 ratio onto your players for the most responsive game play, and the clutch system prevents damage to the players when battling the opposition. TPR octagonal, sure-grip handles are attached to high-tensile steel rods that are ground and plated, maneuvering ABS players who are steel re-enforced to provide you with a long lasting game. Side mounted scoring unit provides a variety of game modes. When completing your game room, show your team pride with this Dome Hockey Basic from the Holland Bar Stool Company.

Officially Licensed Electronic scoring unit. TPR Octagonal. Sure-grip handles .120 high-tensile steel rods. ABS, steel re-enforced men.

Product Warranty: 1 year limited Lead Time: 7-10 business days

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