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Golden Tee 2021 USB Update


Purchase the 2020 usb update for your current Golden Tee Machine!

Play against the man, the myth, the legend himself, PGA professional John Daly and his team of rivals in casual play with the 2020 courses or new to GT 2020, you can now play RTR Online!

Take on the rivals in regular one-on-one online play or take on all the rivals in our all-new ladder mode! Climb the ladder, defeat rivals, win rewards and try to defeat John Daly! With the addition of your custom golfer, club sets, golf balls and other equipment, how will you fare?

On top of the dozens of creative knobs that we turned in last year’s introduction of Events Mode, like custom winds, custom tee boxes, x-number of clubs and so much more, GT 2020 now adds 9-hole prize play contests and Money $hot contests to the mix for even more variety!

Whether you’re new to the game, don’t have access to an online Golden Tee game or just enjoy the relaxed nature of casual golf, you can now enjoy some of your favorite Freaky Friday courses that were previously exclusive to online play!

Golden Tee 2020 launches with 5 Freaky courses in Casual and 5 more will be time-released throughout the course of the GT year!

Three new club sets and 2 new balls are debuting in Golden Tee 2020!

The new golf club sets include a set built by 2019 World Champion Mark Stenmark, our Player’s Choice club set using the data of what clubs you all play with and the very classy and luxurious Executive set!

An impressive 22 new putters are added to the mix in GT 2020. Between the putters that try to satisfy your hunger to the ones that take you back to your childhood, to the just downright weird and fun, there is a custom putter made for players of all types!

These putters are available for purchase on LIVEWIRE and the GT Caddy app.

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