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Big Buck HD Mini 42″

Call for Price


In Big Buck Wild HD players hunt American and African animals in a true, photorealistic 1080p HD Graphics environment, with unprecedented realism. With Big Buck Wild HD, the “Hunter” now becomes the “Hunted” in the wild new “Trophy Animal” Challenge!

New “Mini” Depth Cabinet featuring HD Graphics plus (16) New Rounds, (4) New Ducks plus (4) New Bonus Games.

Offline Models do not include “Duck Dynasty” games.

Console and Monitor included
New animals, trophies, and bonus games
Revamped tourneys with competitive player skill rankings
Perfect For Free-Play / Home Use + Commercial
Pay-For-Play offline usage as well
100% brand new Big Buck Hunter gameplay
1080p HD cinema quality game graphics
New dangerous trophy animals
Groundbreaking new gameplay features
Coins + Credit / Debit Card Acceptors

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